Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Whites and Cutout Oxfords

white leather jacket cutout oxfords 04 white leather jacket cutout oxfords 02 white leather jacket cutout oxfords 10 white cutout oxfords 02
Jacket: Joe Fresh (similar) | Blouse: Costa Blanca
| Jeans: RW&Co | Shoes: Forever 21 (here and on sale!)
| Purse: Joe Fresh | Earrings: Joe Fresh

If I can only wear one colour for an entire summer - I'd go with white. It's clean, crisp, easy, not to mention the fact that white repels light and therefore should keep you cool. A white faux leather jacket is the perfect add-on for a breezy summer afternoon / night, and these white cutout oxfords just scream effortless preppy casual put-together understated and a whole lot of other ones that I will omit because run-on sentences are bad. 


  1. i love white in the summer too, if only it wasn't so tricky to keep white with a little one! also, those are great shoes :)

    1. I know what you mean, and the older the baby gets the messier it is!