Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year In Review: Top 10 Favourite Purchases of 2013

I love reading "recap" or "year in review" blog posts - they allow me to revisit some of the best blog outfits, and more interestingly, I get to hear stories and unique perspectives from the authors themselves. Then there are the "resolution list" posts that I enjoy reading and admiring while thinking that I can never have one myself to follow-through.

Out of all of the ones I've read, the favorite type of "review" posts for me though, would be the Favourite Purchases ones. I love re-using my own favourite pieces in my wardrobe, and so I feel happy and excited seeing other people being in the same boat with theirs.

So for this "recap" post of mine, I thought I'd do a list of my own top 10 favourite purchases from 2013.

1. Coat: RW&Co Poncho / Cape Coat, worn here
rwco poncho coat, poncho wool coat
It was either this one or the Zara camel coat that I recently purchased (see post here). Both coats were bought at a discount, and both at great quality and should last years to come. I'm favouring this one simply because I've gotten more wear out of it than the other one so far, but I have a feeling that the camel coat will catch up very soon. Other outfit posts with the poncho coat: with pleated dresswith sweater and skirt

2. Blazer: Zara Peplum Blazer, worn here
zara peplum blazer, Mocha Chevron Maternity maxi
I sense a pattern here: black, cream, brown, navy... I confess, I stick to neutral palettes often, and this cream peplum blazer is another good example. A blazer is versatile enough as it is, adding a cute little peplum detail to it and you've got a piece that can be worn in any occasion you want. I also love its gold zippers (they're on the sleeves as well), it's these little details that make all the difference. Other outfits with this blazer: with tailored pants, with polka dot blouse, with chambray shirt

3. Sweater: Zara Cream Chunky Knit Sweater, worn here
zara chunky knit sweater, knit sweater with elbow details
This sweater is the one I reach for the most by far. It's simple, warm, fuzzy, soft - and has elbow details, what more can you ask for in a winter sweater? I love its cream color, as it allows me to layer with other patterns and colors without worries. Other outfit posts with this sweater: with floral jacketwith striped turtleneck

4. Pants: Thyme Maternity Black Pants with Zipper Detail, worn here
thyme maternity zipper detail pants, jcrew striped sweater
I pretty much haven't stopped wearing this pair of maternity pants from Thyme Maternity since I bought it back in November. I serious don't know how I managed to survive that long before it. Since this pair doesn't have any pull-over belly band, I suspect that I'll just conveniently forget the "maternity" part and continue to wear it as a regular pair of pants.

5. Jumpsuit: Zara, worn here
zara jumpsuit, zara striped shirt
I still remember the day I bought this jumpsuit: I had 6 or 7 items in my arms when going into the fitting room. As usual, whenever I finished trying each one on, I put them into the "yes", "no", and "maybe" piles. I had about 4 items in the "yes" pile by the time I got to this jumpsuit. After trying it on - my "yes" pile had reduced down to 1: nothing compared. Oh no, Sinead O'connor's song is now stuck in my head.

6. Skirt: Joe Fresh Green Wool Skirt, worn here
joe fresh green wool skirt, zara trench, nine west quilted purse
A skirt with a nice quality and cut, awesome color, and fits like a dream? Of course it has to be on this list! This purchase was also the one that fueled my love for pencil skirts, and prompted me to look into and buy several other Joe Fresh (and then J.Crew) pencil skirts. See other pencil skirt outfits here, here, and here.

7. Purse: Kate Spade New York Tote, worn here
kate spade gray tote, zara red blazer
I have this habit of switching up my work purse every so often, but since I bought this tote, I haven't switched ONCE. This purse fits everything I need when going to work, including a heavy lunch bag with good amount of food and snacks to keep my baby bump growing. I don't use this bag nowadays since I'm on leave, but rest assured I will be using it again when going back to work. Other posts with this bag: with floral dress, with star blouse, with pajama blazer

8. Shoes: Winners Ankle Booties, worn here
winners black ankle boots
Without a doubt, by far, my favourite footwear purchase of this year is this pair of black ankle boots from Winners. I came across them while casually browsing, tried them on, thought it was comfy and nice, liked its chunky heels and basic design, bought them and didn't think too much of them. Then I started wearing them with EVERYTHING, and realized just how much I had under-estimated them initially. Other posts with these boots: with white dress, with gray coat and floral tank, with striped sweater, with leather trim dress

9. Accessory: Michael Kors Watch, worn here
michael kors oversized gold watch
I will pretend for a second that this was a purchase that I had made, and not a gift from my sweet husband. I loved this watch the moment I laid my eyes on them, and have been wearing it every chance I get - to work, to parties, to anything.

10. Dog: Storm, see more of her here
stormy the samoyed
Last but should really be first: our darling Samoyed daughter whom we brought home with us this summer. She grew from a cute little fur ball to a nice fluffy and yet solid 50-some pounds right before our eyes. Words cannot describe how much we love and adore her. Our Mickey hasn't warmed up to her as much as we have, but it'll happen, we're sure of it.

On the fashion and style front, I feel that 2014 might present some challenges - with a new baby and a body that has changed so much in the last 9 months. Challenges are good though, I'm looking forward to doing my best. Good luck to me!

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  1. Aww, that's so cute you added your dog to the list. so adorable! <33
    Congrats on your pregnancy!! wishing you a safe one! =)

  2. Ah that dog!! You are such a cute little pregnant lady! So chic too! Looking forward to keeping up with your journey through 2014.

    Happy new year to you and yours!


    1. Thank you so much, so appreciative of your kind words! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as well!! :-)

  3. The cap and green skirt are awesome - but that fluffy pup beats out everything else. How sweet!

    1. The fluffy pup is definitely the winner. :D