Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baby Bump: Ruffled Skirt and Simple Booties

cardigan blue ruffled skirt maternity outfit blue skirt ankle boots blue skirt ankle boots closeup ankle booties
Cardigan: RW&Co | Skirt: Winners 
| Watch: Michael Kors  | Booties: Winners

This 21 week baby bump is in full reveal from here on out. Instead of describing all the facets and nitty-gritty's, I think I'll just stick to the context here: I am so happy to have found this skirt (sized up as it was not a maternity skirt) and these booties from Winners recently. 

This ruffled skirt reminds me of these Zara ones - but much stretchier, which worked out the best for me. These booties are the first heels I've worn (these low wedges I wore here don't really count) in months. I love the chunky (thus safe) heels, and the simple design with its slightly pointy toe - and they are perfect since the weather in Toronto is getting colder by the day. 

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