Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hiphunters and My Wardrobe Essentials

In the past, one of my favourite activities has always been to spend time going store to store, getting inspiration from their new (and on sale of course) items, and perhaps picking up a few pieces along the way. With a new baby and a much busier schedule, such "shopping is my cardio" activity is no longer as frequent. Thankfully, we have online shopping!

Instead of having to look at actual clothes and imagining what outfits can be composed out of them, I now rely on 3 main online resources: a site offering me the products I want (the end goal is to buy what I need, after all), Pinterest, and style bloggers. However, with the goal of wanting to be more optimal, I'm constantly on the lookout for all-in-one shopping sites that can give me all of 3 perspectives in one: it should allow me to buy with just a few mouse clicks, it should offer me visuals that can give me inspiration, and it should give me some clues on what the hottest trends are. Today I want to introduce one such site: Hiphunters

Even though Hiphunters is a relatively new platform, you can tell from the content that there is clearly a knowledgeable and fashion forward team behind it.  A place that demonstrates this is their Hiphunters Market. Whether you're a gal shopping for yourself in the women's category, or just want to get some ideas for your guy, this is where you would get a taste of what is the latest and greatest out there. 

When I browse, I always have my wardrobe essentials in mind, but with the intention of finding them in the latest trend. With just a few clicks, I was already able to spot what I should focus on for my wardrobe must-have's:

1. A crisp white shirt: this is a staple that will NEVER go out of style. There is no wonder that Hiphunters has a dedicated page for this item. This one with an adorably feminine twist would be a great addition, alternatively, one can never go wrong with a classic silk style such as this.

2. Cigarette pants: I would wear these everyday if I had enough pairs, as they can be dressed up or down, appropriate for either work or play. I love the slightly loose and relaxed look of this pair, or this quirky and yet still sophisticated pair.

3. Black ankle boots: while I have quite a few pairs of boots in my rotation, my black pair is by far the most worn. It isn't the most expensive pair, nor is it a brand name, but its classic style proves that a good shoe is more than a high price point or a recognizable name. I do intend to replace them eventually, if the time comes, this and this seem like great contenders.

4. Sneakers: I will always prefer the look of a pair of beautiful pointed toe pumps over sneakers, but in reality, when it comes to dressing myself, I reach for my Converse or Skechers more than 80% of the time. To add some colours and patterns, my next pairs might just be something like these or these.

5. Structured Tote: As much as I try to minimize the amount of stuff I bring around, more often than not a decent sized tote is exactly what I need. I have a few totes that will last me many years to come, but there is one color that I have yet to get: cognac. This look like a perfect option.

Even though I have not yet made any orders through Hiphunters, if the quality of the site content is of any indication, the service surely has to be on par. I'm looking forward to continue following this website.

What are your wardrobe essentials, and just as importantly, how do you decide how many do you buy and when?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Camel Coat and Neutrals

Layered Sweater and High Waisted Jeans 04 Layered Sweater and High Waisted Jeans 03 Layered Sweater and High Waisted Jeans 06 MG0_5163
Coat: Zara | Sweater: Joe Fresh | Turtleneck: J.Crew | Jeans: Gap |
 Purse: Joe Fresh | Boots: Winners

There is a reason why everyone's go-to colour this each and every autumn is Camel. What other colour can complement the falling leaves so beautifully?!  Even though I've had this coat for 2 year now, I've never worn it as often as I have this season. It could be because I've been wearing neutrals more than ever, and this is the perfect finishing piece. 

Speaking of most worn pieces, if I were to keep one and only one top in my closet, it would be this striped turtleneck. This work horse has appeared in so many of my outfits (see the linked outfit posts below), considering the small percentage of outfits that make to this blog, the amount of wear I've gotten out of it is unimaginable.  

What are your most often worn pieces this fall?

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Tennis Inspired Sweater and Distressed Jeans

tennis vneck sweater and jeans 02 tennis vneck sweater and jeans 03 tennis vneck sweater and jeans 04 tennis vneck sweater and jeans 05 metallic silver tassel flats
Sweater: Gap| Jeans: Gap |
 Purse: Kate Spade | Flats: ZaraSunglasses: Joe Fresh

I cannot wait for the summer to end so that I can wear this exact same outfit again. This tennis inspired cable-knit sweater was a random find (it was the last one), and I cannot be happier with it. The fit is very loose and has a borrowed-from-the-boys feel, adding some distressed jeans, a pair of comfy flats, and a cross-body with a touch of print - a perfect weekend outfit is born.

Do you have a go-to weekend outfit?

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